Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Oh, Hogwash!

According to an Yahoo news report found on Drudge, religious fundamentalist groups are successfully intimidating Bible Belt theater owners from showing IMAX movies which somehow reference Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

Actual religious groups aren't named.

Only one incident is documented, and the details are hazy.

However, the movies and their producers are named and discussed and interviewed.

Folks: there is no campaign out there to suppress IMAX movies. I consider this news report nothing more than a propaganda piece to promote the movies in question. The real message of the story is: "Tick off the Christians by watching these movies!"

I happen to subscribe to the theory of evolution, or at least a modified, providentially-guided version of it. Despite my geology degree in 1984, I suppose that qualifies me as an ignorant fundamentalist.

I get pretty irritated when people with a religious faith in secularism use science to bait Christians.