Thursday, June 16, 2005

After the autopsy, an anti-Schiavo

Drudge picked up a USA Today story about a husband desperately trying to keep his apparently brain-dead wife alive on a respirator long enough for her to deliver their unborn child at a gestational age great enough for the baby to survive outside its mother's womb.

I use the word "apparently" to modify the term "brain dead" because I simply don't trust the MSM to use expressions such as "brain dead", "permanent vegetative state", or even "coma" with any accuracy anymore.

It does appear hopeless that the woman might survive. The odds seem slim that the baby will survive. At the same time, I find a strange, grace-filled consolation in the fact that on the day after the Shiavo autopsy is released, we find an example of a man fighting to preserve the lives of those he loves in a near death situation.

It's as if God Himself would like to remind us that good can be manifested in such tragedies as well as evil.