Thursday, June 16, 2005

Big Mistake in the Shiavo Case

When Michael Shiavo refused permission for anyone to examine his dead wife's body except the local medical examiner-- a closed autopsy-- and when he then ordered the body cremated; he created a big opening for perpetual questions to be raised.

Prediction: Terri's original illness will now become the topic of permanent controversy, somewhat like John Kennedy and the Grassy Knoll.

I will not say anything against Michael in the way of murder conspiracy theories. I have no evidence. Nobody has produced any evidence. To speculate further on this issue would be to indulge in that species of lying known as detraction.

Note: I did engage in such speculation when Terri was still alive. I believe such speculation was warranted then though not now because when Terri remained alive, there was still some possibility of gaining useful information from her and possibly improving her condition and her ability to communicate through physical therapy. Now that Terri is dead and her poor body reduced to ashes, the ability to achieve any good from such speculation is now decreased to a point approaching zero.

For the sake of rational discourse, we can only assume at this point that Michael did sincerely have the best interests of his wife, Terri, at heart.

However: when Michael, under the likely advice of his legal counsel, retained complete control over the handling of Terri's body and then had it destroyed through cremation, he made it impossible for the case ever to be fully closed.

Had the handling of the body been conducted openly, perhaps with an examination done by a pathologist agreed upon both by Michael and Terri's parents, or even a joint autopsy performed by an examiner approved by each side, there is a chance that those who still suspect physical abuse as the cause of Terri's brain damage might now end their speculations.

Questions will now dog this case forever.

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