Monday, June 13, 2005

I hate to admit it...

...But Doug Giles has a point.

Giles is what you might call a "South Park Evangelical" who ministers to young Christians and seekers using the brash style and language otherwise associated with radio shock jocks. I actually agree with the vast majority of what he has to say, and only take umbrage at the less-than-charitable language he uses which sometimes seems more like an affectation than an authentic voice.

I took exception over his criticism, today, of the Catholic Church's handling of the priest sex abuse scandal. In truth, however, I have no real complaint against what he says. I only took umbrage because the criticism came from an outsider who looks upon Catholicism as "The Roman Church" rather than "The Church". He is right, though, when he points out that it was the Catholic hierarchy that permitted a climate in which the abuse could take place and then allowed the abuse to be perpetuated rather than stamp it out as ruthlessly as such crime and sinfulness deserves to be crushed.

This is the second time today, however, in which I noticed a non-Catholic bringing up the "old news" of the sex scandal. I wonder who is stirring the pot again? Fr. Cozzens?

Must research.