Saturday, June 04, 2005

I don't believe in the culture of grievance...

But Penn and Teller's obscene abuse of the memory of Mother Theresa is seriously offensive.

The Catholic League has picked up on the incident, and calls have already begun to boycott Viacom.

This is ironic for me. A few days ago, I posted on an effort by One Million Dad's to boycott Ford Motors for that company's support for domestic partner health benefits and their homoerotic advertising. Although a couple commenters assumed I supported the boycott, I was really quite ambivalent about it. I found the conflict interesting, but if Ford wanted to be extra nice to gay people and sell them cars, it was really no skin off my nose.

Now someone is calling for a boycott I can sink my teeth into. I feel a great respect and admiration for Mother Theresa; and I do take Penn and Teller's behavior personally.

The ironic part? I can't boycott Viacom. I don't get cable.