Saturday, June 25, 2005

Actually, I think better of Tom Cruise over this.

No, not over him being a Scientologist;

Or making fun of movie stars who take antidepressants;

Or wanting to get married for the third time;

Or not behaving like a cool, suave, has-an-Oscar-in-every-room type star anymore;

No. What I like is the fact that he has gotten rid of his publicist, which I think is the real reason he has received so much bad press lately. He always has, apparently, had an off-the-wall streak to him. Now he just doesn't have anybody covering it up.

Which makes him one of the first stars in a long time to really get real.

And the next time we hear about him doing something completely boorish, we need to remember that most of the stars do something like that from time to time. But Cruise is now living under the microscope created by all the folks in the Hollywood publicity machine who will be very, very happy to make an example of someone who doesn't want to play the game by the rules they make.