Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Victories in Europe

Over the last month, at least three major moral victories have been won for the supposedly moribund Catholic Church in Europe.

First was the unexpected defeat of the European Constitution, which would have completed the total secularization of Europe by formalizing an institution which would have taken the place for the ancient concept of Christendom with the important exception that it purposely excluded Christ.

Second was the defeat of the referendum in Italy which would have mainstreamed the practice of in vitro fertilization in that country.

Third came the unexpectedly strong protest this week against homosexual marriage in Madrid, Spain.

If previous reports were to be believed, the European Constitution and the IVF referendum were supposed to be a sure thing and the populations of Italy and Spain were supposedly to apathetic regarding the Catholic faith to care one way or another about those issues.

All this could be nothing more than a hiccup in the course of European history. On the other hand, we could be witnessing a major change in the tide.

In any event: rumors concerning the death of Christianity in Europe may just turn out to be premature.