Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The more I hear about him, the better Roberts sounds

My initial take on President Bush's Supreme Court nominee can be found on my other site here.

A good background, including John Roberts' Catholicism and pro-life connections can be found here.

Promising discussion threads can be found here and here.

One group that just can't wait to start smearing him is discussed here.

My take: the Dems will fight him all-out, and they will use every trick in the book, both clean and dirty. He will be called all sorts of names and accused of all sorts of crimes. People will appear from nowhere claiming he performed wicked acts either with them or upon them. Why? Because Roe v. Wade is to the Democrats what slavery once was to the South. Abortion is the single issue, dirty though it is, upon which all the influence of the Democratic Party rests-- in which the Dems are wholly invested-- around which every other issue revolves, either directly or indirectly.

Prediction: if Roberts is confirmed, and if some nut doesn't shoot him before he is sworn in, there will be seccession talk in the blue states. That's how big this will be to the Democrats, the liberals, and the secularits.

Other factors: libertarian-conservatives (a.k.a. South Park Conservatives) will be sorely tempted to abandon the president with regard to Roberts. So will the "moderate Republicans". So what gives us hope? South Park types have no representation in the Senate. Also, "Moderate Republicans" (McCain, Voinovich and friends-- and Oh, how I like using quotation marks around the word "moderate".) are still suffering such a backlash from their appeals court compromise that McCain pledged about at least a week ago to support the president on his Supreme Court nominee, no matter who the person may be.

But here is the truly scary part: the nomination will hinge on whether McCain keeps his promise.